Who We Are

If a girl wants to be a legend, she might as well go ahead and be one.
- Calamity Jane

I love this quote. How apropos? This sums up the essence of the women in CoW. Calamity Jane was visualizing us, her sisters, as the words rolled out of her mouth. I think we need billboards to declare that every girl, every woman, has the right, ability, and responsibility to step outside of the box she has been placed in and become the Legend she is meant to be.

So, after four years, we announce that we are here. Strong, independent, run-ragged, we-can-do-it-all, what‘s-next, I-got-it-covered, nervous-breakdown-waiting-to-happen-but-we-have-a-schedule-for-that kind of women... We have been running the full four years but now we invite you to run with us. Great things can happen when that thing that instills fear in the heart of many happens... a group of determined women. And, we are determined. We want women to realize we are our greatest asset. From a fresh outlook of a daughter to the exhaustion shared by mothers to the wisdom of those who have lived. All legends just waiting to step outside of the box.

Our Team

The CoW team is focused on creating a better, safer world for women everywhere.

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